Use Their Secret Powers

by Nour Hassoun, Jordan Use Their Secret Powers Searching and guiding kids to use their secret powers is the golden

The magic of visual schedules!

by Noor Khatam, Bahrain Hi all! In this blog I just want to write this sentence in bold “I love

Telepractice in Speech Language Pathology:
A Glance from the University of Jordan’s Hearing and Speech Clinic

by Amani Abdul-Hadi, Jordan Covid-19 pandemic adversely affected various aspects of life throughout the world. Among those sectors that have

The Effect of Retained Sucking Reflex on Speech and Feeding

by Nour Emad, KSA What are primitive reflexes Newborn babies are born with a group of  important reflexes known as

But first, let me wear my detective hat!

by Noor Khatam, Bahrain Once upon a time, in the wonder land as most of my kiddos think about it,

International day of people with disability:

It is our duty as a society to support and foster children with disabilities. These individuals are challenged in different